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INTERPIPE STEEL has become an example of “green” metallurgy for young Ukrainian ecologists

august 27, 2013
On 19 August, INTERPIPE STEEL was visited by two hundreds young ecologists from all around Ukraine. The Company organised a tour for participants from the educational and practical forum “Tomorrow. UA Climate Change Camp”. The forum isdevoted to environmental issues relating to the development of future energy-saving technologies.
The forum participants were acquainted with the INTERPIPE STEEL mill, an example of Ukrainian “green” metallurgy. Amongst other units in the facility, they were shown a unique closed water supply system operating with no water discharge into rivers or ponds, a state-of-the-art gas purification system and an electric arc furnace with noise insulation for the protection of the mill’s employees and residents in close proximity to the mill.
Natalya Starnadko, international climate change consultant at the UN Institute: “INTERPIPE STEEL is a complicated production facility, which cannot operate without waste products. However, this is exactly the place showing production activities without any pollution to the environment. These are true international production standards, and it has been quite helpful for the guys from “Tomorrow. UA Climate Change Camp” to get acquainted with them”.
“Tomorrow. UA Climate Change Camp” Forum has been created with the  support of the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation and the Coca-Cola Foundation. Kadri Ozen, Coca-Cola Europe and Eurasia Public Affairs and Communications Manager   also visited INTERPIPE STEEL facilities.
Kadri Ozen said: “For participants of the “Tomorrow. UA Climate Change Camp” Forum the visit to INTERPIPE STEEL is a unique opportunity. We used to believe that steel-melting technologies could not be environmentally friendly. However, having visited the INTERPIPE Company mill, we have managed to see what real innovative production and true “green” metallurgy can look like. INTERPIPE STEEL is a combination of high-quality steel, contemporary arts and diligent work”.
The “Tomorrow. UA Climate Change Camp” Forum took place in Dnipropetrovsk on August 16-19. The principal objective of the event was to highlight to society the current environmental problems.
INTERPIPE STEEL is the first metallurgical facility, built in Ukraine from scratch for almost half a century, with total investments of approximately 700 million US dollars. The production capacity of the new mill is 1.32 million tons of round billets a year.
One can say with absolute confidence that the new facility is a “green” investment by the INTERPIPE Company. The complete decommissioning of the open hearth production facilities in the 4th quarter of 2012 has enabled a 250% reduction in polluting emissions . The construction of this mill has also ensured a reduction in natural gas consumption in the Dnipropetrovsk region by 60 million m3 a year.
Viktor Pinchuk Foundation is an independent private charitable organization. The Foundation was established in 2006 by Ukrainian businessman and public figure Viktor Pinchuk. The major objective of the Foundation is to provide the new generation with an opportunity to be drivers of future change.
The Foundation’s major projects include the programme to help and support newborn children, the national gifted youth support program “Tomorrow.UA”, and the contemporary art center PinchukArtCentre.
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