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INTERPIPE STEEL reaches a rate of production of 110 thousand tons of steel per month

april 5, 2013
The results of work in March 2013 have shown that the innovative mill, INTERPIPE STEEL, produced approximately 110 thousand tons of steel. Such an achievement has been the result of the scheduled increase in the capacity of the new mill. The production of round steel billets in January was 88 thousand tons, while in February – approximately 90 thousand tons.
The designed capacity of INTERPIPE STEEL is 1 million 320 thousand tons of steel a year. The mill plans to reach the designed monthly production rates in 2013, while the yearly rates will be achieved in 2014.
“We can observe the positive dynamics in the mill’s work as production volumes rise month by month. Employees have become proficient in both equipment and technological processes and we feel confident that the mill’s staff is therefore ready to complete the scheduled production program” Gennadiy Yesaulov, INTERPIPE STEEL Manager, has commented.
As a reminder, INTERPIPE STEELproduced the first 500 thousand tons of steel billets in Januaryand plans to produce the millionth ton by the second quarter of 2013.  
INTERPIPE STEELis the first metallurgical plant, built in Ukraine from scratch for almost half a century. Its  leading technology, labor conditions, and environmental protection standards, ensure that it represents a new phase in the industry. Total volume of investments in the mill amount to 700 million US dollars.
INTERPIPE STEEL is the key project for INTERPIPE, designed to provide the Company’s pipe and wheel production with its own steel billets. When the mill reaches its designed capacity rate of 1.32 million tons a year, the self-sufficiency in billets for INTERPIPE seamless pipes' production will rise to 90%.
The average age of the new mill employees is 31 years of age. Approximately 76% of INTERPIPE STEEL employees have a university degree and more than a half of the employees have undergone additional training abroad. For some professions at the mill, the competition in the employment process has been 10 people for every job application.
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